A Pikachu is a girl who follows you around as if you were her Ash Ketchum. Pikachus are loyal and will stick with you no matter what, although they are hard to find, and generally harder to catch.

Even if you mess around with other pokemon, err... girls, pikachus will still stick by you. Pikachus are usually meek in public, but when drunk, the more electric side of their personality comes out.

Pikachus can get annoying because they're always tagging along and inviting themselves to things that you do, private or public. You might feel like you spend all the time with her, and your friends might not approve because it detracts from time that you would normally spend with them.

If you ask, pikachus will moan "pika pika" during sex ... if that's your thing.
Ben: I never get to see my big bro anymore because of his new girl.
Ralph: Yea, she's a pikachu.
Ben: I'm happy for him, but I wish I could hang out with him more often.
#girl #pokemon #perfect #electric #pika #mouse
by Ralph Ralph January 09, 2011
A mutated crossbreed of a mouse and a rabbit, commonly painted yellow.
Randomly generates large amounts of electricity.
Currently being assessed by government scientists as an alternative energy source.
One day you'll plug your lights, your computer, your appliances, and your crappy electric car that goes 5 miles an hour into your Pikachu
#mouse #rabbit #electricity #mutated #meep
by ashketchum May 27, 2008
A bitch rat that butt fucks little people and chipmunks. The yellow coloration is due to its ability to urinate on its self. The red on its cheeks is from Ash, its trainer. Ash stabbed Pikachu there after pikachu tried to butt rape Ash. The butt ass ugly rat thing was stated to be eaten by Puff the weed dragon after Pikachu stuck its genitalia into Puff's anus.
Pikachu ran up to Puff and stuck its penis into the dragon's ass. Then, Puff took a dump on pikachu because he was high. Then Puff ate pikachu.

Ash butt raped pikachu after pikachu began humping ash's leg.
#pikachu #puff the magic dragon #piss #rat thing #butt fuck
by Joe Shmoe Shwartz November 26, 2011
1. A sexy little mouse that live in my garage.
2. A creature in Pokemon, used for beastiality, especially utilized by it's owner, Ash Ketchup.
3. A stuffed animal used by old men, especially recommended with viagra.
Pikachu! You are so horny today!1!
by Pikachu_Lova May 23, 2005
a term that refers to a an unstable whore. Also known as a walking std. Gotta catch em all.
Man look at that Pikachu. With her you gotta catch em all.
#pikachu #whore #std #piecuch #hoe
by bromontana September 13, 2009
An overrated Pokemon which is an electric type, mouse-like (a rodent?), and cute. Pikachu is the main character's (Ash Ketchum's) starter Pokemon in the anime series.
Geez, Pikachu plushies OTL! When will I find a Celebi one?
#overrated #pokemon #rodent #popular #starter pokemon
by K-Project April 16, 2009
a fat ass mouse that takes steroids so much that electricity comes from their cheeks also they can run really fast
pikachu cant go to the Olympics
#pokemon #pikachu #anime #pool #battle
by david losada April 09, 2008
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