Although Pikachu is also known as one of the most popular Pokemon, it is now commonly used as a verb to indicate when one must go #2.
Hurry up and get out of the bathroom, I have to pikachu!

Did you pikachu yet today?
by chumasta June 02, 2010
The infamous beast that destroyed our Pokefan reputation.
Thanks to Pikachu, I can no longer play Pokemon Yellow in public.
by Alias Undercover April 02, 2009
A Japanese person.(Pikachu is a popular cartoon character created in Japan)

The term comes from the television show Heroes where the character Hiro Nakamura is called "Pikachu" by several other characters.
Look, it's a Pikachu!
by BoomCrusader January 22, 2009
When you Attach electric cables to a girls nipples then attach the wires to a car battery and shock her tits while you fuck her
Steve:man last night me and my girl went and pikachued but then she entered cardiac arrest
by Pokemon fetish dude May 16, 2011
That one fat yellow mouse from Pokemon that not only ruined MY childhood, but ruined the childhoods of kids around the world
by VibeyTheVibrator January 03, 2009
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