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An officer of the law
i was speeding so a fucking pig pulled me over
by BORED AS ALL HELL September 21, 2003
61 40
Loves NFL on Sunday. Loves beer. Loves underdogs. Loves Rocky Balboa. Loves relying on pure instinct and senses. Loves taking leaps of blind faith. Loves being ignorantly in bliss. Loves the smell of a freshly baked lasagna. Loves phrases like "haya doin" , "fughettaboutit", "stopppp it", or "get outta town". Loves referring to spouse as "the wife." Loves seeing lazy animals (eg. pig dog). Loves to sleep - and last but not least - loves other pigs.
1. "Hunny, come help me get this out of the basement"
"Baby, it's Sunday. Go get me and the guys some beer. Oh and get a pizza while you're at it"
"God you're such a pig sometimes."
"I know but I love it."

2. "I really have no idea what your hand is, but my pig instincts tell me you're bluffing, haya DOIN"

3. "How'd you know I was cooking lasagna?"
"Don't worry about it. It's pig stuff."

4. (petting lazy dog) "This dog reminds me of my son. A true pig"

5. "You comin' tonight Tony?"
"Yea yea, fughettaboutit. Lemme just settle things with the wife real quick"

6. Saying "haya doin" in place of "bye".

7. "Gotta love Rocky. He fights for us true pigs"
by A new jersey pig January 14, 2007
59 39
The term "pig" comes from the novel by George Orwell, called Animal Farm.

In this book the animals feel as though the farmer uses and abuses the them, so the pigs decide they should revolt. In the end the pigs play all the other animals and take over.

Originally, this story was about communism.

This explains the reason cops are pigs. Cops are supposed to protect and help the people, but in the end they are just two faced and are quick to throw a brother in the pen.
All cops are pigs.
Those commie bastard are such pigs.
by Josh Wingenbach November 15, 2004
69 50
Police officer. (next chinese zodiac word: Rat
That pig keeps followin me!
by M-easy July 05, 2003
45 26
Gay slang for someone who gets off sexually by doing raunchy things like licking sweaty armpits or sniffing dirty underwear and socks.
"He wanted to give me a rim job after I ran the marathon. I said no and just took a shower. He always was a pig."
by Tmoff March 24, 2010
24 6
A gay homosexual man who likes the seedier side of sex, often swallowing spunk, piss , snot, sweat, armpits, and/or scat. Usually the submissive partner in a gay relationship
Lick my hairy armpits you pig!
by ArcticPup March 14, 2008
32 16
A player, manager or supporter of Sheffield United Football Club in Yorkshire, UK.

Pigs can be found in Bramall Lane every other Saturday, although are increasingly rare and difficult to see or hear.

Can be found in woodwork, usually fake pine.

Usual baiting methods include cheap tickets for students and freebies for kids which encourages non-pigs to join the burrow.
"Hi, I'm Mr Warnock and I'm a pig"
by UTO! November 18, 2004
91 75