A term used for law enforcement officers that originates from the book ANIMAL FARM. The pigs were in charge of the farm when the animals took over and enforced the rules.
Run the "pigs" are coming !
by MasterOfDegrees January 11, 2010
1. A farm animal, also known as a swine.

1. My Grandfather raises pigs at his farm.
by Yo' moma. September 17, 2005
A gay homosexual man who likes the seedier side of sex, often swallowing spunk, piss urine, snot, sweat, armpits, and/or scat. Usually the submissive partner in a gay relationship
Lick my pits, you're such a pig!
by ArcticPup March 13, 2008
a girl who isn't a whore but is thought of as one
WOW! those two girls are PIGS!
by Bdurgs and alleypayoo August 21, 2006
British cockney slang for a beer.
I took jen to the bar and bought her a pig.
by littlecheese February 22, 2006
a segment of an orange, tangerine or grapefruit.
I just peeled this orange. Would you like a pig?
by frinnyfractal April 13, 2009
Pig is a side project of KMFDM, by Raymond Watts. The backing band includes Steve White, Andy Selway, and Jules Hodgson. They were on Trent Reznor's Nothing label, but for whatever reason he didn't do much to advertise them, and they were eventually dropped. In recent years Pig and KMFDM have merged, but Ray has continued his solo work recently releasing an album called Watts.
Find It, Fuck It, Forget It, Forever
by Brian Belmont February 17, 2005
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