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n: a pork meat found almost exlusively in New Jersey. It can be compared to ham, sausage, bacon, or Canadian bacon, but it has its own distinct flavor. Pork Roll is primarily eaten as a breakfast meat, and usually fried and eaten on a sandwich with eggs and/or cheese. It is also referred to as Taylor Ham, but this is a misnomer because Taylor Ham is a brand name of pork roll, which is the product.
Hey, Tim, want to go to the diner and get some pork roll sandwiches?
by Ian Zapcic July 05, 2005
Sex with a fat chick.
I drank too much last night, took a fat chick home and had a Pork Roll.
by Obamistake August 28, 2010
Staple food of the small, impoverished Italian colony known as New Jersey.
I'd like a pork roll, egg, and cheese -- salt pepper ketchup.
by basileus May 27, 2006
Sausage-like meat product. Known as HEAD CHEESE in the South
Fry my up a slice of that pork roll.
by Johhnyjersey March 28, 2007
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