A homosexual man who likes to have dirty sex, including watersports and lots of ejaculate.
The dirty pig stuffed me with his porker.
by manho November 01, 2003
Pig, Peg, same thing. Pig is another name for the woman who has sex with other women's men, dating, engaged or married.
Lori; "Peg got drunk this weekend and was bragging that she had sex with your ex-husband a few weeks before you married him."
Jenn; "RUFKM? That Pig!"
by Bounce311 September 13, 2011
Gay slang for someone who gets off sexually by doing raunchy things like licking sweaty armpits or sniffing dirty underwear and socks.
"He wanted to give me a rim job after I ran the marathon. I said no and just took a shower. He always was a pig."
by Tmoff March 24, 2010
the moda fuckin POlice
O SHIT here come da pigs HIDE DA DRUGS
by jred February 09, 2006
1. Any of several mammals of the family Suidae, having short legs, cloven hooves, bristly hair, and a cartilaginous snout used for digging.
2. (Insult) A derogatory term for a heavy eater, a slob, a pervert, or a chauvenist male.
3. A propane tank, often used for cooking and water heating in rural areas.
4. (Military) Nickname for the M60 machinegun, used by the U.S. Army since the 1950s and only recently replaced by the M240.
1. We have several pigs on our farm.
2. You're such a pig.
3. We need to refill our pig soon or we'll have to take cold showers every morning.
4. My pig eats through ammo like nothing you've ever seen.
by progamer124 May 15, 2004
The cops. The po-po. The fuzz. The 5-0. The boys in blue. The whoop-whoop. The swine.
Basterds think they are above the law, what they say goes.
Slow down there's pigs patrolling around here. Fucking pigs.
by Jgorski April 12, 2010
A police officer who is literally a pig in body, mind, and spirit:

1) Uneducated
2) Waddles

3) Slow in thought

4) Fat
5) Grunts in syllables
6) Territorial
7) Eats salty junk food
Person 1: "A cop pulled me over yesterday and gave me a ticket."

Person 2: "Was he a pig?"
by Chowderhead34 July 23, 2011

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