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n. plural: specks

1. a. A tiny black spot b. Object to small to see detail

2. One of the many insults used for Edward Elric.
1. You can hardly see that speck.

2.Who are you calling so small that he's an impossible-to-see speck that can't even be seen by an ant!!?
by Ryuusei March 19, 2005
37 15
A midget spanish person
Abadia is a black speck! the ultimate minority!
by nazi January 31, 2004
41 41
a german slang word for dope (hashish)
just gimme da speck because it tastes like dreck
by Fernando Cordes March 11, 2004
23 32
A guy with a small dick.

a dick that cant be rode on because its sooo small!!
Damn that dude got a speck!

Its so small i couldnt even ride it!! He really has a speck!
by DattChickDatt April 12, 2009
16 26