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Ponyisland feed back forum
A forum used to leave feedback on ponyisland
The user had a bad PIFF so I didnt sell her anything.
by Poetrywave January 28, 2010
1 11
Most of these definitions are wrong.

Real piff AKA piffy is marijuana not laced, but grown with opium in it. Before the plant buds, a syringe is used to inject the choice opiate into it, thus the drug being distributed evenly through the plant. When smoked, the high produced by piff is more of a mellow, relaxed high, then the normal hungry/sleepy/happy/stupid high produced by marijuana alone.
I rolled a blunt with some piff I got from this dude I know, and I was so fucked up all afternoon.
by davis ave July 25, 2008
19 29
Slang term referring to the female genitalia. Well known term used by Native American.
She's got a stinky piff.
by Jesse St.Claire September 05, 2007
8 18
that steve urple.
Mike: Yo you wanna catch a flick?
Bob: I'm already piffed up in the theater.
by Tony Blonts August 31, 2008
8 20
noun used to reference how good a guy is in bed. also used to reference a VERY satisfying male organ
He got that piff girl!
by trickysnicker January 31, 2010
0 13
Basically piff is 60% looking great, 35% being a genius, 45% being charismatic, 30% being baller, 23% sexual skill, and 7% hand-eye coordination.
Great things happen when attractive women realize how piff Segugio is
by Segugio April 24, 2008
8 21
piff, bum ting or peng. It means that someone or something is next level beautiful.
Did you see her? She was next level PIFF
by Snowy The Nutter June 07, 2009
4 18