noun used to reference how good a guy is in bed. also used to reference a VERY satisfying male organ
He got that piff girl!
by trickysnicker January 31, 2010
A Potent strain of marijuana that originated in NYC. It it often made by lacing weed with Morphine to create a stronger and longer lasting high.
"I got that Piff if your looking for something strong"

by Smith33 March 04, 2009
Marijuana laced with heroin.

Real piff is not common at all; however, claiming pot is "Piff" means that it is above average or really good marijuana. Piff can also be used as an expression for when something is really extravagent.
"Piff Connect!" someone who sells piff or has sells really good marijuana
by MissChristina17 March 19, 2008
A name for weed, which is basically haze, but not quite. A lower grade of haze. Usually $20 a sack, at least from my dealer. And yes, this shit will get you a lot higher than mersh/mids.
1- Yo, did you try that new shit? Its better than mids!
2- Nah, what is it?
1- Its that piff!
by KottonmouthKingofPiff June 29, 2009
marijuana laced with opium which gives it a better and stronger high
4 niggas gone off of one blunt of this piff
by mike j0nes November 29, 2007
Piff has a way different taste to it than any other weed. Its from the NYC area. It has you high for hours off alittle bit. $20 are about .4 to .6 grams depending on the quality.
Where the Dutch at so we can roll that piff up.
by Gangsta45 May 26, 2006
P.I.F.F.: Paid in full forever
You got that new P.I.F.F. Sirt from

U booked your flight on
by michael jjjjjjjj December 06, 2007

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