A silent or hissing type gas passing, hence the name PIFF. Hands may be used to separate buttocks in order to achieve higher level of piffiness.

Originated in New Albany, Indiana. Brought to Southern California in the early 21st century.
"To avoid embarassment, Eric turned away from his girlfriend, discreetly spread his butt cheeks and let out a PIFF rather than a loud fart."
by Regnillo Girl June 16, 2009
good quality weed also called purple haze
"I was chillin with Jon yesterday but we didn't have no piff on us, we were lookin for piff and we called you, you didn't pick up you dumbass."
by LILR11 April 11, 2008
The space between one's eyebrows.
Dude, your piff is out of control. When are you going to get that waxed?
by Mike da 5' 7 1/2" June 11, 2011
piff- pif, verb
1.The act of a child, usually a boy in high school, to date another, younger high schooler in a lower grade.
Did you hear about John?' 'Yeah, didn't he piff someone?' 'YA! He totally piffed that Rachel girl!
by sent anonomously November 02, 2010
A slight release of air from a creature's anus.
Dude! That monkey just piffed in my face!
by sidewalksurfer August 31, 2010

When an upperclassmen in high school is so unattractive and has absolutely no game that he has to resort to dating an ugly freshman to get a girlfriend, which only lowers his popularity and reputation even more.
What? Who knew he would sink so low as to piff?
by anonymous102938475 May 31, 2011
An acronym created by Tank Johnson, Jeff and Danny Razore and Jamal Atofau.
Actually written P.I.F.F. (Passion Is a Forever Feeling) is a pro-noun given to people who live all respects of their life with passion.
Man, Piff is a beast. The most motivated person I know!
by Motivation is my medicine January 23, 2011

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