a puffy nipple that is large in diameter, usually pink.
piffs are wrong, they should be corrected through surgery
by jajathemask February 15, 2005
a word without a definite definition. someone may call someone else a piff just to confuse them and piss them off because they dont know what theyre being called.
dude, you are SUCH a piff.." "a what?!" "a piff, you got somethin' to say about it??" "wtf?!.. dont call me.. that
by hippiesdoitbetter June 16, 2011
The space between one's eyebrows.
Dude, your piff is out of control. When are you going to get that waxed?
by Mike da 5' 7 1/2" June 11, 2011
An acronym created by Tank Johnson, Jeff and Danny Razore and Jamal Atofau.
Actually written P.I.F.F. (Passion Is a Forever Feeling) is a pro-noun given to people who live all respects of their life with passion.
Man, Piff is a beast. The most motivated person I know!
by Motivation is my medicine January 23, 2011
piff- pif, verb
1.The act of a child, usually a boy in high school, to date another, younger high schooler in a lower grade.
Did you hear about John?' 'Yeah, didn't he piff someone?' 'YA! He totally piffed that Rachel girl!
by sent anonomously November 02, 2010
A slight release of air from a creature's anus.
Dude! That monkey just piffed in my face!
by sidewalksurfer August 31, 2010

When an upperclassmen in high school is so unattractive and has absolutely no game that he has to resort to dating an ugly freshman to get a girlfriend, which only lowers his popularity and reputation even more.
What? Who knew he would sink so low as to piff?
by anonymous102938475 May 31, 2011
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