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that bangin shit that only your connection can get and all ya niggas want it
"yo my nigga lopez!"
"wats good nigga?"
"yo i got that piff nigga!"
"word???" "o shit let me throw down and get me high."
puff puff
"damn that" (cough) "good piff"
by joe delgado March 09, 2008
5 13
1. n. majuana,weed,purple haze, dope ect.

2. adj. something ill, new, or another way of saying the shit
1.ayo fam lemme have some of that piff

2.fam that new mixtape is fuckin piff
by joze June 27, 2006
55 63
A very potent strain of marijuana. Mainly found in NYC. Its amazing high is due to the lacing of opium from a spray can and the original marijuana strain which is usually haze. "City Piff" is more potent then regular piff because it is sprayed twice with opium.
Yo I just copped that fire Buck-7-Duece Piff straight from the city.
by The UnderDose July 29, 2009
11 20
really good stankidy not quite dry weed
yo man where dat piff at
by supernabes January 17, 2009
5 14
anything type of bud that will make you feel as if its the best type of bud your lungs have ever held. In other words the best of the best
I'm so blunted...that was piff.
Or it could have you talking like this : "Lets watch Harold and Humar".
by Piffsmoker September 18, 2007
8 17
Flatulence out of the tip of the penis.
The male equivalent to a female queff. AKA "phiff", piss fart
Oops, I thought it was going to come out of my butt but i just farted out of my penis, I PIFFED!

I was about to pee, but it was just gas...I PIFFED!

I just PIFFED in my draws but don't worry because this one doesn't smell.
by The Chill Bro April 02, 2010
3 13
Girls can Queef and when the air is locked within the penis and released to make a whistle its a PIFF.
Holy shit what the fuck was that? is someone watching us? no i just piffed thats all. no one is whistling
by A-oogen February 04, 2010
1 11