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The americanized spelling of 'theatre'. A side effect of the American Revolution.
Theater is neat. It is about the most fun since frisbee.
by RogueLight January 21, 2007
1. (Concrete noun) A place where theater kids can be themselves and call home. 3-4 hours a day is typically spent here doing a variety of things.

2. (abstract noun) "The theater" The purpose of a theater kid's existance.

3. (adj) Used like "theater kid" or "theater bathroom". Used to seperate areas/ people who are connected to the theater. Other people avoid these. Theater kids treasure them.
1. I'm going to the theater to chill and eat lunch. Want to come?
2. You coming to the game on friday?

Naw, the theater's more important to me.

3. That theater kid just went into the lobby. Should we follow him?

No way man, that's the theater lobby!
by Badgermushroomsnaake November 08, 2011
Originally an American spelling of 'theatre,' the word has evolved to mean a building, room or space where films are shown. Sometimes called a cinema or movie theater. Not to be confused with a theatre.
I can't wait for this movie to come to theaters!
by Grammar 'R Us July 08, 2011
a place where 2 high-school students can go and hook up while another sits in history waiting for his tikme to come
Hey Suzy, let go down to the theater while Bobby works his butt off in history.
by Hidalgo Rivera September 08, 2006
The incorrect spelling of 'Theatre'.
Used by those with no interests in the arts, or being an intellectual human.
Theater is incorrect and foolish.
by TIFFSTERTOTHEMAX April 27, 2006
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