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a mix of pink and purple in the worst popular way; a color that hurts to look at.
you can't really give an example of a color that doesn't exist in nature...
by elvenbookwyrm March 04, 2004
Primarily a fanfic term, referring to virtually unreadable prose that seems to have been vomited up by a thesaurus.
With mild trepidation, dark-natured cosmic tangents scissored,
crossed, folded into vexatious concisions, as boundless as the sea, the spiraling rubical blood nimbus cut asunder by the long lady fingers of morning sunshine.
-"Spacedust and Chaos," an Evangelion fic that truly defines urple
by Tozoku May 30, 2008
The color that consumes all other color. Showing urple in the light of day will cause all matter to turn to urple. The air, gravity. Needless to say, showing urple is pretty much as bad of an idea you can get.
Steve: Hey Guy, check out my Urple T-shirt.

Guy: No! You fool!

Steve & Guy: hjsdflkdhlkjhmnlkgtkjlgat,jklvf,jagkl;t,yjlvaBLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERG!!!!!"
by JohannSebastianCrotch September 02, 2008
Urple is an awsome word that can be used either for a made up colour, a made up animal or a random word that people just love to use!
Urple is so cool!
by Urple Urple September 15, 2009
Urple: noun.
An urple is a member of the dark skinned people whom derive from Africa. Today, they congregate in vast numbers around bowls of chicken and cheap 40 oz liquor bottles.
1. Dang, that Urple is two-timing that white woman.

2. Look at all the Urples in Bojangles, I suggest we find another establishment to eat.
by M. Kip V. October 28, 2008
you know...that purple stuff; also see LEAN, SIZZURP, PURPLE, SITTIN SIDEWAYS.
Houston be on that urple.
by nikoli September 21, 2005
The spit-up that babies make after they nurse.
Oh shoot, throw me a towel, Katie urpled on my new sweater.
by super mater May 03, 2006
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