a puffy nipple that is large in diameter, usually pink.
piffs are wrong, they should be corrected through surgery
by jajathemask February 15, 2005
A word used to describe a good looking female.
That girl is piff
by Jacpower June 22, 2013
1. Not a specific kind of bud, but rather another name to call some "fire" bud.
2. Some bullshit that someone's trying to pass off as raw.

WARNING: always check what you're copping when you hear piff, unless you want to get schemed the shit out of!!
1. Yo, you got that piff?
2. Ayo, I got that piffington, dubs and dimes, you already know!!
3. I heard you got piff, is it some raws, or some ight shit?
by MAND_mfd January 18, 2007
a word without a definite definition. someone may call someone else a piff just to confuse them and piss them off because they dont know what theyre being called.
dude, you are SUCH a piff.." "a what?!" "a piff, you got somethin' to say about it??" "wtf?!.. dont call me.. that
by hippiesdoitbetter June 16, 2011
What Bear does when he farts. And it is so cute!!!
Bear:(Piff) "Excuse me, I farted."
by TheJackel December 01, 2010
The sound of liars.
by Fuffles October 05, 2010
A silent or hissing type gas passing, hence the name PIFF. Hands may be used to separate buttocks in order to achieve higher level of piffiness.

Originated in New Albany, Indiana. Brought to Southern California in the early 21st century.
"To avoid embarassment, Eric turned away from his girlfriend, discreetly spread his butt cheeks and let out a PIFF rather than a loud fart."
by Regnillo Girl June 16, 2009

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