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a salty ass nigga originally from GG
Damn! Look at Pierre get mad again over nothing! That salty bastard
by Blaqberry September 15, 2006
a crazy wog haired homosexual normally found in public toilets
big wogskull found in the crazy place called kirby - a pierre
by del7701 November 03, 2006
Pierre: It means molo in hungarian. He is the most stupid person from Sweden. With all those fuked up zits on his shitty face. + very pathetic. He gets irrection when he sees a swedish girl in our school right away. He goes home, starts his daily 15 times masturbation, and when he has an orgasm instead of sperm, a piese of dry shit comes, because his asshole and penis grew in the same place.
your sperm is so dry like Pierre's! Your such a fumbfucker just like Pierre!
by Xiang Li February 05, 2008