A french dude who has a horse that is amazing, and loves captain planet
Pierre says "Look at my horse, its amazing and it taste just like raisins
by swag2343231 June 25, 2014
Something that is pointless, or a reply to someone when they have said something pointless or random.

A person can also be called a "Pierre" when they are the kind of people who say something which is followed by one of those difficult pauses, where someone sort of says "Er, yeah, right" and moves onto another subject.
Person 1: "Did you see that bird I was with the other night?"

Gav: "I've got a Fiesta van."

Person 1: "Pierre."


Person 1: "Do you want to go out for last orders?"

Person 2: "That's a Pierre"


Fulch: "Yeah, I was under 16s motorcross champion!"

Everyone: "Pierre!"


Munson: "It's like teaching Spanish to a monkey."

Chris Moyles: "Pierre."
by Pierre Van Hooijdonk September 24, 2008
When a gay guy motorboats another guy's butt cheeks and gets a shit stain on his upper lip
"I smell love in Pierre" he said in a French accent
by Badonkadonkalicious April 22, 2011
a vagina
That dude is such a Pierre
by Pieehair July 06, 2011
one that drops touchdown passES. one thats a chub. one that eats rabbits. one that loves talking about dicks. one that is the water boy of team free agents.
OMG, I just pulled a pierre. I ate my rabbit, dropped a td, had sex with a chub, talked about dick, or I am a pierre aka chub.
by Pierre Vu. September 24, 2009
A would be french bastard diguised as a date raping pike that drinks too often and occasionally engages in sodomistic behaviors.
man did you see that pierre last night

yeah man, what a flaming pierre.
by Joo Bagge August 05, 2006
short for pubic hair (pronounced "pee hair")
My girl really needs to shave her stuff....I went down on her last night and got a mouth full of pierre.
by Mister Master August 03, 2007

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