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Largely misinterpreted as the scum center of unincorporated King County, Washington, White Center is in fact much more than a scum center. It is much more than a collective of toothless hookers, violent pimps, and dangerous minorities, though it does contain such seedy elements. It was where Richard Hugo, a prominent American poet once nominated for the National Book Award, grew up and drew much
of his artistic vision. So, this place can't be all that vacuous. It is a place of happiness, loss, sadness, love, despair, murder, thievery, generosity, diversity, life, and death. It encapsulates all that the human experience can offer. I should know because I grew up there. This piece of South Seattle is both shitty and beautiful.
Nothing dies as slowly as a scene.
The dusty jukebox cracking through
the cackle of a beered-up crone--
wagered wine--sudden need to dance--
these remain in the black debris.
Although I know in time the lake will send
wind black enough to blow it all away.

-Richard Hugo, White Center poet
by SexyGravy February 28, 2009
An important african american entertainment icon. He commonly wear a gold sparkling jump suit like that of a genie. His appearances include the Channel 5 Party Dance Off, Children's Song hour, and Meditation with Pierre, just to name a few. He is particularly interested in dads, and is well known for soliciting from children their fathers' email addresses. As he put it in one of his after school specials, "Now think about your dad. I wanna meet that dad. You're gonna give me your dad's email address."
He is also noted for random vocal outbursts of enthusiasm such as "Ha Ha!"

Other notable appearances/performances:

"Doo Dah Doo Doo" (original song)
Hot Dog Float (parade appearance)
Muscles For Bones (charity appearance for Richard Dunn)
Pierre: "I would like to send your pep pep some internet links."

by SexyGravy February 26, 2009

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