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yh is short for "Yes, my intellegence is equil to the butt of a horse"
dumb person: yh
me: I agree.
by Choo-Choo McGrew August 30, 2006
Commonly used on MSN Messenger and other chatting websites, 'yh' is the new term for 'yeah'.
"Are you a female?"
"yh, I have blonde hair"
by larc February 18, 2005
used by 12 year old girls on MSN messenger instead of "yuh huh", which is used instead of the traditional "yes". It makes them look 'cool' and aloof. Apparently.
Friend "did you skip school today?"

Rebellious 12 yar old girl "yh"
by berol April 01, 2006
an abreviation for yeah or yes on the internet and sms
a: are u a star treck geek

b: yh :D
by vodca333 December 13, 2009
Sometimes used by Internet creepers in IRC channels meaning 'you horny?'
creeper: yh

prey: huh?

creeper: you wanna cyber?

prey: uh no... I'm going to stop talking to you now
by wr6647 February 12, 2009
"Cool" people will say 'yh' instead of yoohoo.
normal: i got my period today!

"cool": yh.

normal: what?

"cool": yoohoo.

normal: ohh!! hehe
by LOLjkarchive August 05, 2010
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