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The new cool way to spell FUCK
Phuk, the Phuking, Phukers.
by Bobby November 19, 2004
Spelling fuck with a ph and no c implies that you are an individual completely out of tune with the rest of the world. Generally, it implies that you're awesome.
I am phukkin' awesome.
You are a phukbag.
Go phuk yourself.
by Frauhauf July 11, 2006
Variant of "phuck", a less offensive replacement for fuck.
Oh my god, phuk, im so phuking gay!!
by Charley Twopence January 16, 2003
Arguably more phonetic version of Fuck
You Phukka!!
by kymcleod October 12, 2003
A well-known Santa Monica gang. They are cliqued up (allied) with most Santa Monica and some Compton gangs. They're enemies are currently WMD (a Venice gang) and 16th Street Gang (a Santa Monica gang).
Santa Monica Gang Member: Aye! You heard those WMD guys got down with P.H.U.K.?
Other person: I bet WMD got murked up!
by phusm July 02, 2011
An acronym for "Please Help Us Kidnap." The origins of PHUK date back to 2010 when some Cape Cod locals decided it was dumb as shit that a few fun hating conservationists (terrorists of summer) were causing the beaches to be closed for weeks and months on end due to a few nesting shorebirds that just happen to be endangered. Thus, PHUK Plovers emerged as an obvious solution to unite those who care to PHUK and return some semblance of sanity and reason to the people.
Used in context, i.e. "PHUK PLOVERS" is a call to action for people to stop standing by idly and start kidnapping this small avian species so we can all get on with our summer festivities and lives in general.
by CapeRoughRider June 24, 2010
A word used instead of 'fuck', when you are writing in a space were swearing is prohibited.
I'm writing a text to mtv: P.H.U.K. How I hate Christina Aguilera!
by iEmma September 24, 2006
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