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Something that is said to someone because they are very stupid.
what that was dumb go kill yourself
by roccaphella19 July 10, 2005
This is a term used when someone is engaging in or displaying behavior/belief/attitude so incredibly ridiculous/ignorant/ass-backwards that the only possible solution to propose is to strongly suggest that they eliminate themselves from existence. Hence #kill yo'self.
Basic Bitch : "He said he just be really busy after 9 every day, soo.."

Boss Bitch : "Bitch Kill Yourself
#kill yo'self #kill yourself #kill #yourself #yo'self
by JD Luxe aka Ms. Kiss March 29, 2010
A term meaning "I respectfully disagree with your opinion". Believed to have originated on tumblr, but most often seen on youtube.
John: I enjoy the music of Paramore

Joan: Kill yourself.

John: We'll have to agree to disagree.
#tumblr #youtube #death threats #suicide #overreaction
by Mickulty September 27, 2013
Said to a person that is stupid, or getting on your nerves.
WTF are you talkin' about? Go Kill Yourself!!
#kick rocks #get lost #leave #bounce #roll out
by Bronze Beauty November 23, 2007
what people say to me. to kill yourself means to take your own life. commit suicide. usually an expression of anger.
Sam: Go Kill yourself

Mike: Ok....
#term #suicide #nuts #kill #yourself
by Mike Rehmer January 19, 2008
A term said to anyone with stupidity overload or to anyone who doesn't have any value in life.
Example 1.

Stupid guy: "Yo' SWAG!"
Smart man: "Kill yourself."

Example 2.

Stupid guy A: "Oh my Geez, Justin Bieber just launched a new album."
Stupid guy B: "WTF, that's gay, go listen Nickelback, dude!"
Stupid gal A: "Whatever you say, but Hannah Montana is the best."
Stupid gal B: "No, Miley Cyrus is."
Stupid gal C: "Naked Brothers Band!"
Stupid guy C: "Jonas Brothers is the best of course!"
Smart man: "Go kill yourselves."
#kill yourself #fuck yourself #justin bieber #nickelback #miley cyrus
by Ertceps March 06, 2014
Something people decide to do when they don't feel like living anymore...

Hanging, blowing brains out, dying by your own hands, ect.
by Stephanie Soquet April 02, 2005
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