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118 definitions by Bobby

Another word for crap, turd, shit etc...
I stepped in some Bill O'Reilly.

Can someone help me get this Bill O'Reilly off of my shoe?
by Bobby January 08, 2005
5794 1549
To fuck.
Mang, I nailed that bitch to the wall.
by bobby March 14, 2003
380 145
1. Male speedo swimsuit. See bender. Banana hammock came about by the comparison and the long sexual induendo of the banana to the penis and because the speedo cradles the penis like a hammock would a banana. Hence ... Banana hammock.
Joe: This banana hammock's crushing my hardyboys. It's no mystery.
by bobby May 25, 2004
467 259
something that u say when u dont know the words to a song or you are really bored online.
by bobby October 11, 2003
307 103
An urban drug dealer
Your local crackhead.
by Bobby January 29, 2005
133 17
The new cool way to spell FUCK
Phuk, the Phuking, Phukers.
by Bobby November 19, 2004
148 35
A certain quality that exudes all others. Someone who is truely fabulous has confidence, kindness, sexiness, and a good wardrobe.
Carrie: Do I look okay?
Samantha: Oh darling you look FABULOUS!
by bobby April 22, 2004
228 119