drew is phat
by drewpooter March 10, 2009
daaayum, boy look at that girl, she is PHAT!
by erika howard January 15, 2009
A compliment invented by internet nerds who wanted to turn the insult they most commonly heard into something positive.
Jock: Hey, (f)phat kid!
Fat kid: Why, thank you.
by Alien Blender May 21, 2008
1. Of great magnitude.
2. Attracting special attention.

from the English "emphatic" from the Greek "emphatikos"
That bass riff is phat.
by krodamai November 02, 2005
Originally used as a term in BMXing for a good trick.
Later known as anything cool.
If you don't know that then you can tell that you are the worst of the wiggers.
That 360 jump was phat! P-H fat.
by krussader October 04, 2004
PHAT = Martin James = FAT
My god, Martin James is one fat chav.
by Neb June 15, 2004
a really dumb word used by rappers who want to brainwash us into thinking they are cool. The intended meaning of this spelling is "hot" or "cool". It's a lame word meant to complement. Used to describe cars, chicks, clothes, how your night out was - THE DAMN WORD KEEPS SPREADING
look at that phat chick --- at which point i'd turn around and kick his ass for daring to call me fat
by charlottem1 July 17, 2005

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