A Vietnamese name for males. Often mispronounced and made fun of.
My husband's name is Phat. No, not Fat. Phat as in "rhymes with Scott."

Your name is Phat? That's cool man. Pretty hot and tempting, that's you! hahahaha

Phat is a name? I thought it was that irritating model's clothing company....
by lusana June 25, 2009
Ph - Physically
At - Attractive
Also a slang term for something cool
Jason: Got a new dirt bike yesterday
Chris: Aww phat
by B** May 26, 2009
pretty HOT and TEMPTING.

90.9999999999924348358050232943% of the authors on
urban dicktionary consider themselves !pHaT!
Damn!!Dang!!That bitch is pHaT!!
Damn!!Dang!!That guy is pHaT!!
by ~jobella~ April 29, 2008
a big ass
yo she is phat to death
by Phyllis March 25, 2004
A cool girl
also used by dumb white surberban kids who are wannabes and tell their friends to call then Phat Wannabe, Phat Gangster, or Phat Man
Kid1:call me Phat Gangster because that is an awsome name
Kid2:Do u know that the word Phat is a cool girl?
Kid1:No it doesnt just check urban dictionary
Kid2: I am right now and this is what it says
Kid1: I am awsome! Dont hate appreciate!
by beach ball man October 18, 2010
phat is also a way to express fat. used as online slang
you're so phat lol
by Kamarkos September 03, 2009
something that is totally cool in a very exciting way.
Man, that shirt is phat!
by angela lines angelalines April 29, 2009

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