An item of the online game runescape.
a:wish i could afford a phat
b:if you kill green drags for the rest of your life you will be able to!
by baleeta April 08, 2009
big butt
wow that girls got a phat butt
by RCUOZ April 26, 2015
Phat refers to a woman that is thick in all the right places. Not big bone, or FAT, but thick and juicy where it counts.
Guy: girl you phat as hell
Girl: I am not fat I weigh 120
Guy: I'm talking about that ass, you got a phat ass. You thick as hell.
by Rooselee March 03, 2015
Pretty Hideous and Thick
Guy 1: Damn man that girl is PHAT!
Guy 2: Yeah, she is phat. She look like a damn gorilla.
by OMGitsKira May 16, 2009
Cool stuff; usually used in online games.
I got some uber phats during that last raid.

That tresure chest got alot of phats.
by Kahnvict220 March 28, 2008
1950,s NYC, urban black culture slang.
Pretty Hips And Thighs!
She's phat! Man (typically) speakes to another about a woman's (typically) voluptuous figure.
by Gaia's girl July 31, 2006
For something to be thick, or cool. It could also mean Something that is dope.
Yo, that girl Sammi's booty is phat.
Bruh, that Nigga's shoes are phat.
by Bootymcchicken November 26, 2013

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