A compliment invented by internet nerds who wanted to turn the insult they most commonly heard into something positive.
Jock: Hey, (f)phat kid!
Fat kid: Why, thank you.
by Alien Blender May 21, 2008
A word totally mis-used and vary rarely used properly. Usually used for an overweight fat cow. A cow so ugly that only a mother could love her.

CORRECT meaning: Profoundly Horrifying And Terrifying!
Beda: Hey, did you see that?

Sweta: What?

Beda: I ain't sure, it went rolling by.

Sweta: Oh, you mean that PHAT chick!
by "Kimberly" March 26, 2007
Number one word found by hitting the "random" button on this website.
Frick man, I got the word PHAT again... it's really pissing me off
by Condom October 10, 2006
a really dumb word used by rappers who want to brainwash us into thinking they are cool. The intended meaning of this spelling is "hot" or "cool". It's a lame word meant to complement. Used to describe cars, chicks, clothes, how your night out was - THE DAMN WORD KEEPS SPREADING
look at that phat chick --- at which point i'd turn around and kick his ass for daring to call me fat
by charlottem1 July 17, 2005
pre used as a way to describe "hip" people. now a simple acronym.
dang, you're not fat, you're PHAT! Get off the couch and quit eating week0old cheet-os
by Sk0otur!1! November 21, 2004
started by some tit who couldnt spell properly and thought that it would be cool to use
look at my earlobe man.. its PHAT !!!
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