17 definitions by rage

(1)-Interjection- For an old person to yell, bicker, and bitch at you to get off his piss-yellow lawn.
"Hey you rascals! Get the fuck off my lawn!!!"
by Rage April 24, 2003
Fresh, new, hot, bang'n.
Thats off the meat Rack
by Rage October 14, 2004
To refuse an idea or statement.
I don't want to do my homework! The hell with it!
by Rage November 05, 2003
(1)-Verb- To use a Dildo.
(2) See Dildo
"Yeah...Dill My Doe, girl!"
by Rage April 24, 2003
A pedophile who stalks 14-yr old's on Yahoo/AA/ICQ.
"You djmc-z! Stop staring at my child!"
by Rage April 09, 2003
(1)-Noun-A lesbian Dinosuar.
"That there is a anchient Lickapus hip bone!"
"Why is it red?"
"Well you see..."
by Rage April 24, 2003
Syphillitic shenkroids,

His syphillitic shenkroids prevented him from having a more pleasurable sexual encounter with his partner.
His angus beefhole was sore from having sex after a outbreak of syphillitic shenkroids.
by Rage February 13, 2005

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