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:Physically Hype Aesthetically tight meaning that its look wicked and great quality
yo you have a P.H.A.T ride
by Faizel October 19, 2003
A word totally mis-used and vary rarely used properly. Usually used for an overweight fat cow. A cow so ugly that only a mother could love her.

CORRECT meaning: Profoundly Horrifying And Terrifying!
Beda: Hey, did you see that?

Sweta: What?

Beda: I ain't sure, it went rolling by.

Sweta: Oh, you mean that PHAT chick!
by "Kimberly" March 26, 2007
pre used as a way to describe "hip" people. now a simple acronym.
dang, you're not fat, you're PHAT! Get off the couch and quit eating week0old cheet-os
by Sk0otur!1! November 21, 2004
Thick or heavy, as opposed to F-A-T which means adipose. Originated with Jazz musicians to describe sounds. Later used by rockers to describe tones produced by distorting signals (as from electric guitars).
Flanger gives your tone more bite; chorus makes it phat.

Most plumbers just play clean or dirty. Bird plays downright phat.
by agapathos September 22, 2003
Word commonly used by Townies to voice their enthusiasm for some mediocre music, or other thing that is usually fine, but has been ruined and spoiled
"Aha, mate. Those were some phat beats
by Tommo August 04, 2003
Pretty Hot And Temptin
Deshawn: daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmnnnnnnnn look at da asssss on kenzie!

Jerome: i know mo' fucka! i'd spread those fat cheecks like buttah!

Deshawn: a yo kenziiieeeeee lemme git at dat finnnnnnnne phat greasy ass!

Kenzie: fa sho baby babe. i loves ya'll niggas

by deshwan put it downnn! April 17, 2009
Number one word found by hitting the "random" button on this website.
Frick man, I got the word PHAT again... it's really pissing me off
by Condom October 10, 2006