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To come across a situation that is completely unexpected or a moment where one is not prepared for what's to come
I was forced to go up there and sing a song, but I bombed it because I was completely phased.
by Earl S. April 26, 2009
Disheartened, forlorn, stunned in a negative way
"Man, you lost, but don't be phased."
by David December 15, 2004
how illiterates spell "fazed"
Children and 20-somethings write "phased" instead of fazed because nobody cares about homonyms anymore.
by purple415 May 30, 2009
to be "buzzed." when you arent drunk, but arent sober.
Erin: You are so drunk!
Dillain: No I'm not, I'm just phased..
by Erin May 07, 2005
When one recieves a verbal attack and gets dissed leaving the victim and the people around gasping in surprise
Guy 1: "You're Gay"
Guy 2: "Your Mom."
Guy 1 and people around: (gasp!)
Guy 3: "Oh shit he got phased!"
by Fred April 04, 2005