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1. an unattainable state that would describe someone who is without any flaws or imperfections.
2. what a boy may call a girl to get her in bed
boyfriend: you are perfect.
girlfriend: aw, i love you.

boy: wow you're perfect.
girl: *kisses boy* (whispers) fuck me.
by yeahloveisntreal January 02, 2010
originally thought to be impossible (since perfect is boring and generic, not to mention contradictory), until you meet someone who turns his/her flaws into perfection. In other words, when someones faults become something you're attached to, and you love them enough to think they're perfect.
"He's a little weird, but that is one of the reasons why he's perfect"
by XnobodyX June 03, 2009
Terrible song by "Simple Plan". Trite lyrics "cuz we lost it all, now we can't go back I'm sorry I can't be perfect"..."Nothings gonna change the things that you say...nothings gonna make this right again".

Lyrics sound like something out of a 12 year old girl's blog.

Everything that's wrong with today's popular music scene. These guys are the Backstreet Boys, 5 years later once the record execs realized that boybands were out, and psuedo-punk bands catering to the rebellious side of preppy middle school girls were in.
"Like wow, "Perfect" is so deep and meaningful. I play this song whenever my daddy won't let me drive his beemer"
by cfs September 29, 2004
No one is perfect.
by Whorrorkittenx July 04, 2003
the one thing every one desires and few can have
elizabeth is perfect
by killswitchxx91 August 10, 2009
Some word that is way overused. Mainly an illusion or myth. No one is perfect, because with flaws there is no perfection, nothing is perfect, because there is something wrong with everything.
''it's such a perfect example of being lame, how the retards on this website put stupid things like *so and so* is perfect, on this site, when no one is perfect, and names dont have definitions, queerface''
by meagen June 16, 2004
No-one is perfect until you all in love with them.
I love you max and always will, you are perfect for me.
by green_heart March 18, 2007