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a group(usually 4 or 5) sissy boys who do NOT play instruments. sing crappy pop music; stupid gay love songs that they didn't even write themselves. only pre-teens and teenie boopers like them.

n*sync or backsteet boys

boy bands suck
by Heather April 22, 2005
a group of 4 or 5 men who lip sync other people's music while pretending to like girls
Boy bands are nothing but a bunch of no-talent, 30-year-old pretty boys who like to bend each other over!
by Pissed Off Paul March 01, 2004
Usually a random formation of homosexual-looking young lads in groups of four or five. Generally organized by overweight older men to satisfy their pedophilic tendencies. Often are confused with talented people.
MTV introDOUCHED another Boy Band on that vile, demonic, 1984-ish TRL.
by Mikey G October 09, 2003
I wouldn't even call these "bands" because they play no instruments and can barely sing. To make matters worse, every one follows the same formula:

-- the good looking guy;
-- the talented guy (the only one who can actually sing);
-- the shy, quiet guy;
-- the "older brother" type; and
-- the "bad boy."
Boy bands are creepy. Here's 5 guys in their late-twenties and early-thirties who sing love songs to 12- and 13-year-old girls! Boy bands make R. Kelly look like the Patrib Saint of Chastity!
by Bozz Hawg April 07, 2004
A musical group whose frontmen consist of a group of male singers (they may or may not play another instrument). In order to qualify as a boy band 1) they must not write thier own music and 2) thier main fan draw must be how attractive they are. Point one can be waved if they really suck.
Boy band: N'sync
Not a boy band: U2
by realityincog December 23, 2004
A group of 3-5 homosexuals who claim to love girls. They lip-sync to terrible sounds and their songs are always about wanting to be girls and craving penises up their asses. The fact that this is music and popular proves humanity is doomed and music is dead.
Boy Bands are terrible, go listen to Slayer.
by Mr. Zimpy December 20, 2009
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