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3 definitions by JonathanT

When you win on street fighter without losing any helth or taking any damage you get a perfect.
Alex: "ah man you jus got a perfect"
Jonathan:"yeah i kicked your ass"
Alex: "ah but i perfected you before"
Jonathan: "Fair point"
by JonathanT July 07, 2006
133 82
the sandwich that is available on a certain day in a subway resturaunt for a special price.
Todays sub of the day is meetball
by JonathanT July 07, 2006
12 6
memail is a phrase i coined an it menas to send a n email to yourself. becase uit is from you it is a memail
"you dont get any real emails....only memails"
by JonathanT July 07, 2006
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