A word that should not exist, because in this tangible world their is no such thing. Nobody is perfect, no one ever will be perfect. people make mistakes. Everyone has, yes. Even you the person who is reading this at this very moment. i'm sure you have made your share of mistakes. The word perfect was created to make people feel terrible about themselves.

In my mind no one has to be society's definition of perfect.
They need to be who they are. Their idea of perfection. Not anyone else's. Cause in the end. Your all you have.
Don't judge other people because they aren't perfect.
by ThePersonYouJudge July 27, 2012
Flaws that fall nicely together
That has perfect qualities
by sec February 18, 2012
The girl that sits across from you in English class
Teacher "Can anyone tell me the definition of perfect?" Katie "That's me!"
by English classmate123 February 07, 2010
What alot of people strive to be, but ironiclly no one will ever be. We are all just human beings and we shouldnt strive to be perfect, but just to be ourselves
"Omg Tawnie!! This my dress need to be perfect!"

*starts to rain*
"Oh no! Look at my hair! This was supposed my perfect day!"
*sobs loudly*
by Simply Rayna =) August 02, 2009
It's something that you want so bad it hurts. You know that if you had it, it would quit hurting you. But you also know that deep inside, it'll probably never quit hurting you.
I think the people we look at and label "the perfect people" are the same people look back at us and envy us as "the perfect people". In other words, 'the grass is always more perfect on the other side'.
by Nameless June 19, 2014
-having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be
-having no flaws whatsoever
My boyfriend Reed is the definition of perfect. <3
by Justanotherlovestruckgirl December 23, 2013
Something or someone who is flawless in every aspect
The Silver Palms

"Have you heard The Silver Palms music? They're perfect"
by Georgia girl October 07, 2013
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