What alot of people strive to be, but ironiclly no one will ever be. We are all just human beings and we shouldnt strive to be perfect, but just to be ourselves
"Omg Tawnie!! This my dress need to be perfect!"

*starts to rain*
"Oh no! Look at my hair! This was supposed my perfect day!"
*sobs loudly*
by Simply Rayna =) August 02, 2009
General: entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings: accurate, exact, or correct in every detail:

When used to describe a person: beautiful on the inside and out, attractive. generous. kind. intelligent, funny. fun to be around, friendly. Someone you'll regret losing in your life.
Angela is so perfect !! I'd hate to see her move away :(
by Okazaki232 March 08, 2014
-having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be
-having no flaws whatsoever
My boyfriend Reed is the definition of perfect. <3
by Justanotherlovestruckgirl December 23, 2013
Something or someone who is flawless in every aspect
The Silver Palms

"Have you heard The Silver Palms music? They're perfect"
by Georgia girl October 07, 2013
The most beautiful of all people, little or no flaws, a wonderful friend, always has your back, seems as if they never do anything wrong & if they do you'll forgive them for it right away
"Wow, have you met Shaelyn? She's perfect"
"Yeah, I know, she's an amazing friend & never lets anyone down!"
by Louisa Williamson August 21, 2013
Kendra Kaltfoen
That girl Kendra? Shes perfect.
by Dylan:) May 01, 2013
Something or someone that has no faults or anything bad about it/them.
Person 1 "whose that girl over there?"
Person 2 "that's Tahlia"
Person 1 "oh, she's perfect"
by Iamanonymonis March 28, 2013

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