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A word you use to explain the person your in love with.Everything they do is just so perfect..even thier imperfections.
Steve is perfect to me. Everything about him is just so amazing and awesome
by Jen December 17, 2004
234 113
a word to describe a certain girl that means everything to a certain guy
tony loves shelly because she is perfect.
by twizzle2oo7 October 22, 2006
87 36
When you win on street fighter without losing any helth or taking any damage you get a perfect.
Alex: "ah man you jus got a perfect"
Jonathan:"yeah i kicked your ass"
Alex: "ah but i perfected you before"
Jonathan: "Fair point"
by JonathanT July 07, 2006
133 82
What you are. Everyone is different in their own way. Love yourself. Love who you are.
I have blue hair, big round glasses and dress like punk.. I'm perfect.
I'm fat, nice, and love myself..im perfect.
I'm thin, mixed, and I know what I want in life...I'm perfect.
by Free_And_Proud October 01, 2011
22 3
flawless in every single way. In a girl, she's nice, kind, smart, sweet, cute, beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, incredible, adorable, sexy, loving, andd absolutely indescribable.
I love Maddy Paige because she's so damn perfect. Her eyes sparkle, and she's the most mazingg, beautiful, smart, gorgeous, cutee, funny, kind, sweet, loving, adorable, amazing, precious, pretty, absolutely incredible gf in the world.
by her moondoggy August 29, 2009
34 16
Super Junior in white suits.

Super Junior is a popular south korean boy band and them wearing white suits redefines perfect. Enough said.
A: Wow they are perfect!
B: Of course! They are Super Junior, what do you expect? -_-
by lemonzchen December 19, 2010
39 22
School is practice for future life, practice makes perfect, and nobody's perfect, so why practice?
by Lucio Soph September 15, 2010
16 4