when two people realize that everything is amazing between them.when true love is defined.
Punky Blue and Lawrence Brown(a perfect couple)
by pbpl July 31, 2009
Some word that is way overused. Mainly an illusion or myth. No one is perfect, because with flaws there is no perfection, nothing is perfect, because there is something wrong with everything.
''it's such a perfect example of being lame, how the retards on this website put stupid things like *so and so* is perfect, on this site, when no one is perfect, and names dont have definitions, queerface''
by meagen June 16, 2004
anything or anyone in your eyes that has flaws but you appreciate them. the perfect person is someone who you absolutely adore and the perfect thing is something you cannot live without
Im in love with Dillon because to me he has no flaws

This water is perfect because if I didn't have it, i would die
by Mandii Lynn February 24, 2010
1. Being above and beyond any expectation
2. Beautiful, amazing, unique, one of a kind
3. Addie Nix
"OMG have you seen Addie? She's perfect!"
"Addie, you are perfect"
by Crispycats July 20, 2014
General: entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings: accurate, exact, or correct in every detail:

When used to describe a person: beautiful on the inside and out, attractive. generous. kind. intelligent, funny. fun to be around, friendly. Someone you'll regret losing in your life.
Angela is so perfect !! I'd hate to see her move away :(
by Okazaki232 March 08, 2014
A person who has no flaws whatsoever and all you see is good within them. They are beautiful , cute , funny and adorable and you never want to stop talking to her. You cannot imagine you're life without this person and you cherish every moment you spend with them.
An example of a perfect person is Kelsie Geddings
by Cammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy December 21, 2012
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