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Somebody who has no friends and no life. somebody who stays at home every night and just plays with his penis all night long out of boredom. After several years of having nothing better to do than play with his penis, he starts gaining skills at playing with his own penis that he is now more than just a penisholder or a penisfolder, he is now a penisacrobat.

essentially, an even worse stage of penisfolder, a very shamefull thing to call somebody.
"dude u know that indian kid at our school who has an insanely fat stomach and a fat ass but skinny arms and legs and dresses like a retard?"
"has he had any social interaction his entire highschool life?"
"ofcourse not, hes a fucking penisfolder"
naw.... hes a penisacrobat by now"
"haha, yea seriously what a loser..."
by sojournguysucks420 April 12, 2010

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