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a mans penis. usually refering to a big one
pronounced- peena
Yo, my pena is bigger than that water bottle
by Bubba Jimjohn June 25, 2006
79 62
Basically, a penis, spelled in a computer lingo. Orgins of word from www.dayofdefeatmod.com and uses some context from the '1337' language.
Bishop: suck my panis
HS The Whap: yes plz
by Bishop February 06, 2003
11 12
little thing for play guitar.
i'm a rock star, and my pena is golden.
by ssq August 05, 2010
22 24
hamburger; a cocumable fast food.
tastes crap
man that pena tasted like shit
by maximatitis November 26, 2006
13 57