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5 definitions by Groovy

A small nut commonly sucked on, salty in taste, gets hard when hot and mushy when wet.
Suck my peanuts.
by Groovy October 21, 2003
A person who is a a fucked up muppet. A dunce, a fool, a muppet with extra ability to fuckuppet.
"Bob was a fuppet for believing his woman was innocent"
by Groovy October 21, 2003
A special kind of kiss which involves rolling your partner over and kissing one of their bum cheeks then giving it a little playful bite. Guaranteed to suprise your partner!
"I gave her a lovely long loubie smooch"
by Groovy October 11, 2003
When a fuppet fucks up it's a fuckuppet.
"Bob was always fuckuppeting, but then he was going out with a tarty fuppet"
by Groovy October 21, 2003
A lazy arsed Fuppet.
The fuppet was awfully flumpetty today, she couldnt get up off her lazy ass to change the television channel so she just flummptied around like a total fuppet.
by Groovy October 21, 2003