A hard/erect nipple that is poking the shirt of a woman, causing it to be seen. Usually happens when cold or excited.
What a tight shirt!! You can even seen peanuts!!
by ChadGKG July 30, 2004
see also butt nugget or assgrapes
or pussy farts

one that admits to frequent, uncontrolable farts in the genital region...
Good god Michele control those peanuts
by Miffers February 09, 2004
Fuckwit, dickhead, cunt, wanker, spastic, etc!
Get fucked you god damn peanut!
by Jordan Adams July 25, 2004
the smallest testicle size possible!
Upon graduation due to interaction with the opposite sex, one can increase this size to: golf ball size, and grapefruits. Watermelon size it out of the question, as this is what the average male is trying to conquer.
your testicles are the size of peanuts. When was the last time you approached or even talked to a hottie?
by Smaller than peanuts! September 10, 2003
the world's best girlfriend. The most beautiful girl in the world who's really smart, funny, and really sexy!! I love her!
Everything that I've ever wanted comes from my peanut. I'm so lucky to have my peanut!
by Jellybean March 15, 2005
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