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doing something to it's fullest; doing something well;
"I go hard in da paint", "Them hoes cant fight, dont none of them go hard", "Go hard or Go Home"
#can fight #wreck #fucking #getting money #helly hoes
by Dai G.A.B March 23, 2007
When someone or someones acts in a nature that is usually bold, brave, threatning or humilating to another person. In different situations it may be doing something a majority of peers would disagree.
1.Whassup nigga I heard your cuzin smack nigga in front that nigga ghetto bitch, yo go hard.

2.That nigga Tevin wore all pink to the club, he go hard.
#bmore #tuff #badazz #nigga #go hard nigga
by Brian Eggleston January 06, 2008
Something that is tightor quite remarkable.
Can be you with music,looks, and etc.(Texas)
That song my 8 balL & MJG go hard.
That shirt go hard with them shoes.
by DE-BO July 05, 2004
Doing something with 100% effort, but requires some unteachable skill.
Something a beast of a man does all day everyday.
He doesn't give a damn about the consequences, does life like a Jeff Zhao up life's Punhani.
Suraj: "I go hard at everything"
#go #hard #go hard #goes hard #goes
by PedroTheConqueror October 16, 2011
1. When somethings pretty sick;
2. When you like someone alot or think they're cool
1. Black Guy: "Yo, Spiderman go hard"

White Guy:"Hahaha wtf?"

2. Friend: "ahh, that chick go hard."
You: "haha, i hope she doesn't"
#eye #gots #aye #mass #if #bone #her
by FallenSkater November 28, 2009
when someone reaches their full potential, at doing whatever they're doing
I'm trying get body ripped by the summer, that means I have to go hard in the gym these next few months
#challenge #skills #excellence #talent #courage
by gamefein December 29, 2011
To Just Drink all Night and day untill you cant drink anymore...just get so Drunk you cant remember nothing
Bobby and Jordan told Each other that They are going to GO HARD tonight
#hard #go hot #drink #get wasted #no memory
by bobby flip flop August 23, 2010
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