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A man's balls.
I like licking his testies.
by clitoris October 24, 2003
112 40
Those who participate in formal testing.
The testies from dicks class were sweating under pressure.
by Rip Cooper November 13, 2008
32 27
A slang nickname for an individual who has more than 2 testicles
*shouting at balled individual* "Hey Testy, what you up to tonight?"
by Christopher Ord December 04, 2006
30 32
A test-taker, or one who prefers tests to projects

The term was popularized by Mrs. Katherine Buron of Leicester, Massachusetts
Mrs Buron: Ok, So we have our testys over here...

Mrs Buron: Shhh, Don't Disturb the Testys!!
by Any Other Names? May 18, 2009
6 30
Tu is no ass.
by anonymous February 26, 2003
8 89