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It means Hey You.
It is mainly used when addressing an individual in any given situation to get his or her attention.
Ayo! What time is it?
Ayo, Can I talk to you for a minute?
by E520 October 22, 2003
a streamlined fusion of the salutation "hey, yo" that goes over extremely well with the modern urban entrepreneur.
"ayo, slim, whatcha'll be on?"
by sinicalypse May 04, 2003
a response for a very suspect or homosexual comment.
Dude 1: That's a big bulge in your pants, what is it?

Dude 2: AYOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Sosa Ave July 13, 2008
often used as a gteeting in replacement of "hey yo"
A yo dawg, wus good?
by danteslangindatslang July 03, 2006
Used by Koreans; mostly.
Short for: 'Annyeonghaseyo.' (안녕하세요) - Meaning 'Hello.'
Girl: Hello. "(안녕하세요)."
Boy: "A-Yo. (라-요)"
by iSpankasmurf April 06, 2011
Bay Area Slang referring to money
Ayo for yayo (money for crack)
by UmmmIdk??? October 14, 2014
It means to say good bye or c'ya
In the song "A'Yo Kato" by DMX off the album Grand Champ he refers to saying A'Yo to his friend that as died.
by Naaman June 06, 2005

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