To do well. An accomplishment. The opposite form of how normally used. Grand. Excitement.
Peanuts! I just found one hundred dollars on the floor. Peanuts! She said yes.
by Dave Schechtman & Jared Smits September 26, 2007
a small being who contains absolutely no intelligence and annoys the fuck out of every person it can.
Person 1: Hey have you met Ellen?
Person 2:Well i saw it but it was so ugly to look at i turned and ran away
Person 1:what a fucking peanut
by codplayer June 27, 2011
A card high-speed game that is a hybrid of solitaire and Speed.
We all went over to Rosie's place last night for a intense game of Peanuts.
by Minck February 19, 2009
An affectionate name for a small child or baby
Hey, what're you doing to that peanut?
by VVeedson March 24, 2010
A cute person, usually used as a nickname between bestfriends .
Gosh, Sam , you're such a peanut !!(:
by &ithinkiloveyou . April 21, 2011
This is nothing but a food! you can chew it, or if you like you can lick it too! peanuts are smooth, but not all of it.. some of them are rough.
girl1: hey what are you eating?

girl2: HAPPY GLEN! oh, HAPPY PEANUTS rather. you want some? :D

by mothergooseaduna January 04, 2010
A game played where both players lock fingers in a test of strength to make the other person submit by saying "peanuts"
"you wana play Peanuts?"
"ow ow ow ow PEANUTS!"
by Jonnyjonjonjon September 24, 2007
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