A cute person, usually used as a nickname between bestfriends .
Gosh, Sam , you're such a peanut !!(:
by &ithinkiloveyou . April 21, 2011
1. to pass off our own job responsibility to others, and then applaud yourself for being an integral part of the team.

2. to make loud and pointless verbal comments and interjections in a meeting, as to draw attention to yourself, to cover up your complete lack of knowledge in the matter, or just to make random noise because you must let the world know you're there. Comments are generally completely useless and bring no substance to the conversation.
I just got peanuted with yet another task he couldn't do.

He's peanuting all over the meeting again, every 30 seconds he has to make pointless sounds like like "ahhh" or "great" or "amazing!"
by TiredofStupidPeople March 04, 2011
A mentally retarted person.
"I think Snookie might be a peanut."
by elusivite December 08, 2011
Peanut is a word with no real meaning. It can refer to a person, place or thing. Anything you like. It can be taken as an insult or as a compliment.
Yashi - She is definitely peanut.

Debra - definitely.
by Peanut<3whiskers March 27, 2009
Before kicking a football, the person holding it moves out of the way so you miss, similar to what Lucy did to Charlie Brown.
Don't Peanuts me Joe!
by Andy R. B. December 20, 2008
Word expressing that a noun is easy or dumb.
Man that test was peanuts.
Dude, your so peanuts.
That concert was peanuts.
by GuitarFreak August 16, 2004
an idiot ... referring to brain size
you peanut
by baz January 08, 2004

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