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the state of being pathetic
I could hear the dramaqueen's patheticism in her voice.
by Jolt October 24, 2003
1.Excessive use of meager and feeble tactics for sympathy.
2.Working in a consistantly pathetic manner.
His patheticism had gotten the best of her and she finally divorced him.
by Dan MacPherson May 01, 2007

Used to describe someone or a group of people. Who tend to be pathetic.
She is destined to lead this sad life of Patheticism.
by fiorello September 25, 2007
The concept of a human being struggling to live without realizing their true fate of death.
Yet we choose to sit like dust, waiting to be washed away, thinking we are a part of the intricate beach but we are nothing. Patheticism
by mike1993 May 27, 2008
The act of acting like a pathetic person, such as when it comes to becoming infatuated with a character from a hit tv show.
Miranda is in love with Chuck, what patheticism!
by NonGayJay November 17, 2008
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