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The highest amount of THC from Marijuana. Made when marijuana is grinded and the THC crystal is sorted from the rest of bud
This keef has got me chokin but blazed
by Jolt December 31, 2003
the state of being pathetic
I could hear the dramaqueen's patheticism in her voice.
by Jolt October 24, 2003
never thinking you are sick even when you really are - opposite of hypochondria
by Jolt October 24, 2003
the act of loving to eat dead babies
you don't need one, just use your imagination
by Jolt November 20, 2003
Applies to facial changes as well as vehical and other transformations.
"OK Baxter, we can safely Valmorphanize our Limosine into a jet now."


"We'll have your face valmorphanized to look like a terrorist so you can infiltrate there camp"
by jolt January 03, 2005
a.) small, round tree
b.) president 41
c.) president 43

i have no opinion of any three. all i know is i hate hitler, stalin, osama, saddam, and any other terrorist (see terrorist) dumbass that wants to fuck up anybody that walks.
a) shit, i ran into that bush
b) the PGW happened under bush
c) did u see bush land on the carrier?
by Jolt January 12, 2004
obscure abbreviation of MSN Messenger
A: "I'll speak to you about it on mess"
B: "On what?"
A: "MSN Messenger, idiot"
by jolt January 03, 2005
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