the male genetailia (e.g. penis, wang, wee wee, wiener, dick)often refering to in the "excited" state
My pang was quite hard last night.
She sucked on a pang.
Sulla eats pang.
by Butt-sex-master June 24, 2004
morally wrong; horrible; stinky; disbelief; this applies to anything bad; disease
"so i was walking home from school today and I saw thing pang-ing skunk on the road!"

"i swear i contracted pang the other day ...cause I just feel terrible"

#chen #hhh #cha #pang #diew
by LILwEEzie2015 May 17, 2006
To be hit by something

or to hit someone
AAAAArrrg i just got panged by the fuckin car door
by none of you business March 01, 2005
Male genitalia
Nic's pang has is small with lots of warts
by Magic June 25, 2004
to have sex
"yo, dude, i panged your mom last night...BURN"
by Robb, and Grant February 06, 2004
extreme evil or dislike
math is pang
i pang math
by kevin horn November 20, 2003
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