Another term for "good"
A slang word made up in the late 90's.
To be said in a positive manner
Can be said in many ways
"Those jeans are pang"

"This weed is pang"

"That dude/girl is pang"
by Mizz Montana September 30, 2009
Use in the East midlands especially Grantham near Nottingham to describe a very very attractive woman.
Oi Warren check out that pang across the road.. she is seriously fine.

by knockalot May 03, 2007
when i freshman dude hooks up with a senior girl
dude blank just got mad pang with blank
by jjonny January 10, 2011
A sexual reference to sex. Meaning is to fuck.
Guy 1: I'd pang that
Guy 2: Same
by someb00dy May 05, 2013
Any person belonging to the subset of people commonly referred to as "asian"
There are a lot of pangs in the engineering library
by Chiz April 06, 2004
when a girl periods on someone / something
'Dude, we were cuddling on my bed and she just panged'
by fwafwaawfgaga September 20, 2012
The verb to pang means to smell of urine.
God that old folks home really pangs!
by Ems74 December 12, 2006
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