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When two individuals have sex and place a heated donut on the penis of the penetrating male during intercourse - Dunkin
Hotdog placed into hole of dunkin donut!
by Doctor Atomic May 09, 2010
Word used typically by somebody from the Northeast when referring to Dunkin' Donuts.
I'm going on a Dunkin' run, what does everyone want?
by Farokh Bulsara December 27, 2008
What some people lovingly call Dunkin Donuts. A special Dunkin in Westchester County is open 24/7 and at least once a day a group of unusually good looking people can be found smoking their boges outside sipping on their French Vanilla iced coffees with milk no sugar, or Decaf coffees, sugar with a splash of coffee, lattes, or vanilla bean coolattas.... usually bitching about some Westchester drama and how much they all miss a certain cousin. We love Dunkin; without us Dunkin would be worthless because not only is it a caffine pitstop, it's an outdoor social lounge with a cement bench and plenty of parking. Dunkin, a way of life.
Person 1: "Yo.. the craziest thing just happened! Meet me at Dunkin"

Person 2: "OK, I'm with CK and I need boges, I'll be there right after I stop at BP and get boges"

Person 1: "K... good thing CK's here because I need a therapist and everything's better when CK's around"

Person 2: "Whatever like CK doesn't already know that... I'll be there soon"
by FreeTherapy April 04, 2006
To Puzen the Puzen. To stick you hand down the pants of a person known for begging for morning sex.
Turnabout is fair play, so she Dunkin'd Ben this morning... Much to his surprise
by Hangout2011 May 24, 2011
When you lay the pound game on a female, preferrably white, but black can work sometimes. Definitely no asians. This definition links to layup.
Maaaaan, did you hear about Duck dunkin on dem white hoes dis weekend, nigga?!
by MeezyBabyy May 02, 2011
I love dunkin donuts coffee, when i wake up my coffee mug drives me 2 the store and takes it.
by fearlesslover May 01, 2010
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