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6 definitions by Ems74

a person who smells offensively
He hasn't had a bath in yonks, he's a real ponger
by Ems74 December 08, 2006
12 5
An old bloke smelling of urine
a bus load of pangers came in at western supermare
by Ems74 December 08, 2006
14 11
A bowp is a fart which is short and has a round sort of sound, it sounds like it's said "bowp!"
I had a bit of flatulence today, I had to leave the room to do a couple of bowps.
by Ems74 December 12, 2006
3 3
To beep means to produce a short high pitched fart that gives a beeping sound
My guts are bad today, I've been beeping a lot
by Ems74 December 14, 2006
1 11
The verb to pang means to smell of urine.
God that old folks home really pangs!
by Ems74 December 12, 2006
8 25
An adjective describing something that smells of urine. Like panger, which describes an old man/person smelling or urine.
God that toilet smells really pangy.
by Ems74 December 12, 2006
4 25