Pure methamphetamine (speed)
"that guy has got a badaz p addiction"
by Panq November 30, 2003
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(very) Short for the word "pretty". Used anywhere "pretty" would be used as a modifier for an adjective.

Thought to have originated on Flamebate, the Forumwarz forums.
That's p cool.
You're p dumb.
She's p hot.
Yeah, I'm p much out of ideas.
by Falcon4 December 13, 2008
P can mean paper, for example £20 note, so when making money your making P's
I need a job to make some p's
by SKiPz2nv April 17, 2008
common English slang for 'pence', the sub-monetary unit below the pound.
100p = 1 pound
how much was that candy bar?
about 35p
by Tengu July 27, 2005
Short for "pound", when referring to marijuana.
- "Can I get a p?"

- "Selling p's for 2000."
by TheChronicKingWes115 January 25, 2010
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