Mahu (Homosexual, Hawai'i) slang for lovely, nice, pretty, satisfactory.

"P" is like, a spoken POSITIVE SIGN.

Older forms: P-ella
"Wow she so P yea!"
"P her makeup this evening."
"He's a P teacher."
by Mahealani May 04, 2008
Short for 'piss' when used in the sentence 'get on the piss' (get drunk). The amusing part of this abbreviation is that P is also a drug (aka Ice, methamphetamine, crystal meth) with a very bad image portrayed by the media. So when in public and you ask your friend if they want to get on the P tonight, you generally get a funny reaction from people around you.
Caleb: "Hey bro, wanna hit the P tonight?"
Alex "Yeah man its been like 4 days!"
Old people "Oh my god, druggies! Call the police!"
by fokker99 April 28, 2008
A letter added to the end of an acronym when one doesn't understand what said acronym means, especially in attempt to confuse the person who used the acronym beforehand.
Bob: Lmao!
Joe: Lmaop
by Darky-sama April 12, 2008
Short for peace or another way to say later. Used just in case you are either too lazy or too cool to say the whole word.
"Yo, dude. P"
"K, man, later"
by the jackhammer March 01, 2008
Short for props
Its was first used by twenty6s of G-Unit World.

Also try poti
Murda_Itch:26s here is the link to the song http://s13.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0HRZH6S
by twenty6s June 13, 2005
Another way of saying goodbye, as in Peace
"The Japs are closing in on our position!"
"Ite P"
*Sprint away into jungle*
by bigpoppasilas0 May 02, 2011
The greatest thing anyone could hope to become.

dam son i wish i waz P, you could only hope to become somthing so great for he has been made by the cosmos and given the task of handcrafting himself by the masters universe
by Pthegreat September 19, 2007

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